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Dominic shouts: "Angler ready", "Fly in the water", "CAST !!!"032 malaysia 2018 2019 20220210 1359503946

It's Kim's turn on the fly rod, and the excitement is thick after two failed attempts to hook the lightning-fast sailfish. We cruise with two rows of teasers on each side behind the boat, and an aggressive sailfish has shown its dorsal fin and beak just behind it. You can easily see in the clear water that it makes a round, away from the teasers, and then comes back with renewed gusto. Dominic has a single teaser on a long inline rod, which he teases the sailfish with, and then suddenly rips it out of the water, while Kim places the fly perfectly where the teaser has just been; and the sailfish takes the fly.

037 malaysia 2018 2019 20220210 1625377765As soon as the sailfish turns, Kim strikes by pulling hard on the line, but without lifting the rod, and the fish goes nuts, and strips the reel for line like we’ve never seen before. One of the world's fastest fish just hammers line off the reel, and Kim just stands there with a goofy, but contented smile on his face.
The fight takes about 20 minutes, with several long runs. Eventually, the heavy class 12 fly gear and Kim's experienced hands are gradually taking over, and our first fly-caught sailfish is a reality - followed by appropriate celebration with howling and Native American dance.

It is very obvious that fly fishing for sailfish requires much more work, and there is longer between the fish than with live baitfish, but it is super exciting to have the fish in close, between the teasers, and go nuts; and then, of course, the extremely cool fight on fly gear.

Sailfish on bait015 malaysia 2018 2019 20220210 1646954448
When we fish for sailfish with baitfish, it has not yet taken longer than 2 minutes before first hook-up on the 5 trips we have been there so far. We catch the baitfish with sabikis, which in itself is quite entertaining, both because of the many different species, but also because the sailfish sometimes attack the small fish before we get them in; and then follows a very peculiar fight on light gear, sabikis, and a furious sailfish at the other end. However, it always ends the same way: the line breaks, no matter how valiantly you work.

When we use bait fish, we fish either free-line or the bait fish under a balloon. Both techniques are very effective and very exciting when you hold the rod yourself, with the line between your fingers, and experience bite, directly. However, one must learn to steady oneself, and not strike immediately, as we use circle hooks for this kind of fishing.

037 malaysia 2018 2019 20220210 1625377765Other species
We started fishing in Malaysia in 2006, and back then it was all about the sailfish, and we caught many, many beautiful fish. However, after 5 trips out there, we started to look for other species and try other methods; not because we are tired of sailfish, but for the sake of variety; and I must say, there are many possibilities.

Some of the best fishing takes place where commercial fishermen have built artificial reefs, marked by plastic barrels. Here we catch baitfish, but of course the predatory fish have also found out to hunt there. While we make sure to get loaded up with baitfish, we have a couple of lines out with live mackerel, and there is always something predatory catching sight of them. We catch dorado, barracuda, queenfish, king mackerel, cobia, large garfish and several other species.048 malaysia 2018 2019 20220210 1720605681
Also, spin fishing for these fish, is a hoot, and last time we even hooked a small black marlin on a surface lure, but unfortunately it broke the line in the first jump.

On the last trips to Malaysia, we have spent several days on Tioman Island, which lies only a few hours by boat from Rompin. Close to Tioman are some deep places with a lot of fish, where we fish for gropuers, pompano, trevallys, snappers, etc.…

Tioman Island is considered to be one of the best places in the world for snorkelling and scuba diving. Apart from the fact that there are many fantastic coral reefs, small islands and generally easily accessible snorkelling/diving areas, Tioman is not overrun by tourists. Tioman is still a romantic and relatively untouched, tropical paradise. There are no large hotels, but in return super cosy cabins and small hotels to stay; all in lush surroundings, and with lots of small lovely garden restaurants.

Billseeker Sportfishing
We have fished with Dominic, who owns Billseeker Sportfishing, 5 times. Apart from the fact that the fishing is unique, Dominic's logistics, service and quality are top notch, and the price is something everyone can afford.

Contact Dominic by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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