About JJPhoto.dk

My name is Johnny Jensen. I am born (1963) and living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more than 25 years I have been on more than 150 travels around the world, photographing and fishing - often, targeting remote and exotic places like mountains, jungles, rainforests, wilderness, where transportation sometimes has become a bit "hairy", to say the least. I love to photograph just about anything relating to animal life, nature, people and cultures ...

My work, photographs and articles, are widely used in magazines, books, websites, photo archives, catalogues and brochures, and the images from my AquariumPhoto have reached all the way around the globe, to public aquariums, books, websites, aquarium product adverts, and much much more...
Besides, I am house photographer for the Blue Planet Aquarium and Øresundsakvariet in Denmark.

I write and photograph regularly for the big fishing magazines in Europe and USA, and I have contributed material to more than 30 books. I have recently published my own book from my Fishing Adventures, called DREAMFISHING - it is published in Danish, but right now I am creating the outlines for an English version, which can be translated into whatever language of interest.

Besides, I am house-photographer for the big Danish Blue Planet Aquarium and Øresund Aquarium.



Kilwa Dreams, Tanzania
Professional Fishing- & Tour Guides

I have had the pleasure of fishing with Johnny in autumn 2008 for the first time (but not the last). We hook up a Dorado on the second drop off, the depth is goingdown to almost 2000m, when Johnny jumps in the water with the camera and the words: "I have to get that photo" - and of course he gets it, another world-class-photo. But the story illustrated very well, how professional Johnny handles his work, and why he can makes one world-class-photo after another, he just does it. Besides being a super photographer and angler, he is also a good fellow to be in company with, he is always good for a Bourbon and coke (when the work is finished) and that is maybe the only minus I can find on him, I have never understood that coke :-)
See you next time, my friend.
Peter Juhl, Skipper & owner of Kilwa Dreams, Tanzania

Sportfishing, USA
Saltwater Fishing Magazine in USA

Johnny Jensen’s outstanding images of fish, fishing and fishy places have graced the pages of SPORT FISHING magazine for many of the 15 years I’ve been its editor in chief. Without a doubt, he’s one of the best photographers in the world at capturing the sport in still images, both above the water and underneath it. Jensen’s enviably dynamic travel schedule means he has photos of fish/fisheries from around the world; his keen interest in and knowledge of fishes make his photography and website all the more interesting and valuable.
Doug Olander, Editor in Chief

Cesky Rybar, Czech Republic
Popular Fishing Magazine

Johnny - photographer matures like a good wine. It can't be better! I really esteem your work highly!
Ivan Finta, Chief Editor

Spanish Fishing Adventures
Professional Fishing Guide

I have known Johnny for a number of years having fished and worked with him on many occasions. Apart from being a very nice guy, his fishing and photographic abilities are second to none. Always looking for that new species to catch or a new angle to take that all important photograph. His underwater photography is outstanding and he has a real eye to be able to immortalize that special moment with one of his Nikons.
Johnny's web page is a fantastic collection of photos from all over the world, an encyclopedia of adventures and fish species and once you have visited his web site you will always be looking out for his up-dates (It will make you jealous at not being there).
I would happily travel anywhere in the world with him as I have total confidence in his guiding and fishing abilities. 
5 Stars all round.
Peter Staggs - Ruidera, Spain

Fishing Adventures Thailand
Professional Fishing Guides

I’ve had the privilege of guiding Johnny Jensen on several fishing trips in Southeast Asia, and of becoming one of his closest angling friends through the years. His dedication to sharing his appreciation for Mother Nature, his passion for our beloved sport (angling), his photographic eye, technical skills, and talent, all have made him today one of Europe’s favorite sport fishing and wildlife globetrotter photographers. A fact  proven by his work having been featured in numerous books and magazines worldwide. Mother Nature, fishes, sport fishing, and us fellow anglers, are all lucky to have him as their brilliant ambassador.
Jean-Francois Helias, IGFA Representative, Thailand

Kirkland Garfishing, Texas, USA
Professional Fishing Guides

I am Captain Kirk Kirkland from Texas. I fish for alligator gar, the largest freshwater fish in North America. I have filmed with the National Geographic, History Channel and the Discovery Channel,
and numerous others. I have hosted Johnny Jenson here 2 times and both times he has not only been an outstanding fisherman, but has provided some outstanding still photography, which I have utilized on my website. I would recommend his picture taking ability to anyone who has need of outstanding pictures,
also all of the fisherman he has brought with him have been great people to fish with.
All the best, Captain Kirk Kirkland

Pescaventura, Brazil
Professional Fishing Guides

I have a pleasure to be with Johnny in one of my wild camps in Amazon-Brazil. It was a very grateful experience because beyond he is a very good felá to fish with he knows deeply about the fishes biology and nature. His pictures are great,with some details than only his sensible eyes and great expertise can capture.
Rubinho de Almeida Prado, Owner

World's largest Catfish Reference Website


Johnny Jensen has been an outstanding partner for us at PlanetCatfish.com contributing over 1200 of the 9000 images that are in use at the time of writing and has been contributed the largest number of images to the site since its inception in 1996. He is particularly adept at “on the fly” photography either in the wilds of nature or without the aid of a prepared photo tank and regularly supplies new images often of new species in consistently high quality. Johnny has also personally photographed a number of my own fish in my home and is very easy and flexible to work with. Johnny continues to be our first choice for featured fish photography.
Julian G. Dignall, Owner

Fisk & Fri, Denmark
Denmark's best Angling Magazine



For more than 15 years Fisk & Fri's readers have enjoyed Johnny's very exciting articles as well as his outstanding photos from all over the world. During this period Johnny has been among the inner circle of regular freelancers at Fisk & Fri. Besides these virtues Johnny is a very social person and a terrific mate. I have had the pleasure myself of travelling with Johnny to several fishing locations in the world, and I look forward to many more similar experiences. One of Johnny's great strengths is probably his weakness too. He attaches himself very much to people with whom he enjoys fishing - and they to him. So he has to return again. But as an angling magazine we would prefer he made use of his resources for visiting new and exciting destinations. But he manages almost every time to provide his stories with new angles as well as supplementing with new exquisite fishing photos which make us feel: YES, those photos are a must in the magazine. He is thus in this field also a top professional.
Søren Blok Honoré, Publisher

World Fish Reference Website

Johnny is a long-time friend of FishBase, never tiring of sending us new materials and photos for use in the database. His beautiful pictures enhance a lot of FishBase species summary pages on the web, sometimes it is the only picture we have for a particular species. That makes it even more valuable. We will always be grateful for his continuing support to our work. (Be sure to give us a visit if you happen to pass by our place here in exotic PhilippinesJ)
Rachel Atanacio – FishBase Project